The Most Complete, No-BS List of All (ALL) the Essay Writing Tools and Resources!


This is the most complete No-BS list of all the necessary resources you might need in your literary writings, period! It does not matter the kind of essay you intend to compose or the academic level you are in (college, university, masters). Either way, the respective essay writing tools must be used in order to come up with a fully justified, original, unique, and appealing essay. Fortunately, the Internet has so many tools that can help you in creating an essay that your professor will like without a second thought. 

You do not have to necessarily use all the available tools. As a matter of fact, there are hundreds of them. The idea here is to first define the kind of essay that you want to write and then decide on the most ideal tools. The essence of these online essay writing tools is to make easy your writing experience.

 Let’s have a close look at some of the tools that are very helpful in essay writing:


These are the prime tools that are used in providing scholars with information that relates to their essay work. They are considered to be the most reliable sites where credible and substantial information can be found. These tools include:


It’s not for no good reason that this powerful tool had to take the first position on this list. Have you ever heard your professor say that Wikipedia, and related websites are not examples of academic resources? Well, read on because I’m going to tell you why. Here’s the deal:

It is because exists. This search engine filters out all the .com websites and present you with only trustworthy, academic resources such as .edu, .org and .gov which are widely accepted as credible enough to be used as academic sources. With such a tool at your hand, you will never run short of enough qualified academic material that you can use as a reference for your essays. These are the kind that your professor actually likes to see and award marks for! Just look at the following few examples of trusworthy websites (in green) that this tool presents for the search term "Teaching and assessing writing":


Bonus: You can navigate between websites and documents using Refseek search engine.


The features that this search engine has are all in line with everything that a scholar may require to find reference materials. It is important to note that this tool is Google-powered and therefore its credibility is quite high. A simple search through the search engine will certainly land you to the information you need.

Aside from reference materials, the search engine also provides ample information about citation. This makes it even better for scholarly purposes. What’s more, the search engine allows you to search for information with regard to different disciplines. All you need is to select the respective disciplines and you will have everything in that regard.

Digital Library of Commons (DLC)

This is not a library per se but a retrieval site where you can get useful resources with regard to essay writing. At this site, you are granted access to international literature materials including journals, articles, books and the likes. Virtually everything that you need to come up with a justified essay can be found right here.

It is important to note that the site allows for submissions from outside parties. With the submission button, essays can be uploaded hence offering help to students in need of information.

Virtual Learning Resources Center

Here is yet another platform where students and the wannabe best essay writers are advised to source their reference information from. For quite a long time now, the site has been offering massive information based on books, journals, essays, dissertations and other materials to students for the sake of sharpening their knowledge in their respective disciplines. The best part is that all information found on this site is backed by facts and has been scrutinized by teachers and professors to ascertain credibility.

Google Scholar

There’s a strong reason as to why I like considering this tool more of a citation than a retrieval one. Still, this is a non-disputable tool as far as information retrieval is concerned. Being in existence since 2004, Google Scholar was established to enable students retrieve information from the Internet with much ease. Google Scholar is a search engine whose role is to offer any information that you might require as long as it is related to academics. All you need is to key in a particular keyword/phrase and Google Scholar will retrieve different files including books, journals, and others. The tool is very important when it comes to gathering reliable sources for citation purposes.


The search engine was established to purposely serve the interests of students and scholars by offering literally any information they may need. It works more like other search engines only that the kind of information retrieved is based on academic keywords. You can use the search engine to source information from books, journals and other literary works.

The platform was established to purposely provide scholars with information in different academic niches. The great thing about this platform is that all content found here is purely essays-related. Different scholars create accounts with the platform and upload their essays. Any person in search of information in a certain sphere can retrieve it at

Apart from offering essay reference material, the site also guides you on how to format your essays. The guide includes different citation styles, bibliography and other components that must be in any essay. 


You need to know all the strategies and techniques that are used in citation. After all, essays without citation cannot be termed as such. There are different styles of citations and you must know the distinguishing clear-cuts between them. Here are some of the online citation tools that you should try:



This is a tool whose role is to offer the best assistance in citation. It might take several minutes for you to create a bibliography manually. However, with this tool, you will be in a position to create bibliographies in a matter of seconds. All you need is to provide your sources and the tool will automatically create the respective bibliography.

 The best thing about this tool is that it comes with different features that are meant to facilitate fast citation. For instance, there are different buttons that represent different information resources like journal article, website, book, and many others. In addition, there is a button that you can use to download your bibliography to word document. In short, citation is easy by far, thanks to

 Pro tip: Try searching your sources on this website first for perfect citations.

Google Scholar (Again!)

Did you know that this resource can give you very nice citations of the sources found online? Be they books, journals or websites, Google Scholar is a one stop citation center of your resources. What you ought to do is simply search for a resource you are referring to using Google Scholar. Once the source is displayed on the list, beneath it find somewhere written “Cite” (image below)



Click on it and there you are! Simply select your preferred citation style (APA, MLA, Turabian, etc.) and it gives you both the in-text citation and the long bibliographic citation of your source. That’s such a magical element any essay writing should never miss.



If you are looking for tools that can help you create a bibliography fast, Bibme is the way to go. The site is designed to generate acceptable bibliographies to be used on essays. If you are using an editor that does not have citation tools, then you can simply use this online tool.

Purdue OWL

Apart from offering grammatical related content, Purdue Owl also offers much about citation and referencing. There is a special section designated for research and citation. Here, you will find step-by-step guides on how to cite using different styles. Samples are also part of the package. The aim of this section at Purdue Owl is to help students in their essay work and to ensure that all standards of research writing are upheld.


These are platforms where scholars can find information based on books and major publications globally. The great thing about online libraries is that they are accessed from any place. As long as you have reliable internet, then you can always drop by one of the libraries and source the information you need for your essay. Among the highly recommended online libraries for scholars include:


Well, the Internet may be a source of literally any information you might require in writing your essays. However, there may be hardships in filtering the best reference materials. This is why was established. This is a tool that essay writers can use to retrieve reliable reference sources only. It is a site that is complemented heavily by all materials considered vital in referencing including books and other publications. A simple search of keywords will present you with a handful of information.


It might interest you to know that is one of the libraries with cheap services. Any scholar, even those with shallow budget, can consider this library. Additionally, the library allows you to search for the resource materials you want without necessarily signing up first. This is an added point of convenience. Want to try it? Search for five books that you think you might require to complete your write-up. See how it presents you with all of them. I personally consider this among the most complete online libraries with virtually all resources.


If you are looking for an online library that demands zero charges, Openstaxcollege  can serve you best. The site was established to help students with their scholarly tasks by offering massive information in different disciplines. All books you find at are licensed.

The little problem is that the library has limited resources. This simply means that if you have an essay that calls for in-depth research, Openstaxcollege may not be the best for you. This site, however, can back basic and simple essays well.


It is among the most reliable online libraries that scholars can use for their research work. Actually, it is a modern library in the sense that information retrieval is very easy. Although you will have to pay for their services (About $9 per month), new members are allowed for a 14-day free trial. This is where you get the actual experience of how the library works. You can opt to withdraw after the lapse of the 14-day trial or just proceed by paying the recommended subscription fee. One thing for sure is that the library has all books that you consider worth for essay writing. After all, it is a global library

Anything that has to do with literal analysis can be found at The site is aimed at offering information sourced from novels. All reviews regarding top books can be found right here. With the tool, you will be in the best position to identify the right book/novel to source your essay information from.


This is a FREE online library for those who love reading. If what you are writing is a novel summary or review of a story book, you can easily find and read that story book for free at wattpad. The best thing about Wattpad is that it is 100% free. What you need is just a simple sign up process and you are into Fiction, Science Fiction, Romance, Mystery or Fanfiction stories that will intrigue and challenge your writing.

I am yet to find an online library with as many free eBooks as this one. is one of its kind when it comes to searching for online ebooks which one can use as sources for an essay. Just like Wattpad, this is also 100% free to access. One advantage of over Wattpad is that it is not limited to stories. Be it a scientific research. a literature study, a humanities discussion or any other essay niche, you are bound to find an ebook to refer to at The website's interface allows you to search for a book before you can decide to sign up. Did I mention that access to these eBooks is free?

WyzAnt Resources

This is not a library per se but it is worth a mention in this list. With a collection of answers, files, videos and different blogs, you can easily find a resource at I particularly found the files section intriguing because you can easily search for a file written by a profession in a specified field. If you know how to make a proper reference to a third party write-up, you can easily use a file from this website as a resource for your writing. Always remember to avoid plagiarism when referring to other peoples' work.

Apart from the WyzAnt page, there's another samples questions page that I found and thought would be extremely useful for students. You can check it out here.



 The worst mistake you can ever make in the academic sphere is submitting a plagiarized essay. This is because one of the things that qualify an essay is uniqueness and authenticity. This means that scholars must at all costs avoid submitting essays that are copied or have duplicated content. This is not only wrong in the eyes of your professor but also in the eyes of the copyright owner. Only original essays can earn you the highest marks. You can read the complete advice on how to avoid plagiarism on our previous blog post: how to avoid plagiarism in your writing

In this regard, you need to utilize some of the plagiarism checkers to authenticate your work. These tools are designed to scrutinize content and unearth any text that has already been published online. Some of the most reliable plagiarism checkers include:


This is among the most effective plagiarism checkers that can be used to scrutinize essays for duplication. The tool is designed to point out all parts that have been caught with plagiarism. You can opt to correct your work directly from the site and later transfer it to your offline editor or download a highlighted document which you can use to rectify your essay. It is advised that you go for the paid version of TurnItIn for the sake of effectiveness in checking your documents for plagiarism. 


It is among the oldest plagiarism checkers and one whose effectiveness cannot be disputed at all. You can opt for a basic account or subscribe for the premium plan. The latter is far more effective than the former. This is because premium Copyscape is paid for while the basic one is free of charge. The bottom line is that you can comfortably run your essays for plagiarism with the help of Copyscape. One more thing…the site is very easy to use and unearths even the sources where the copied content has been found.


The site allows you to run any document for plagiarism irrespective of length or language. After the document has been scrutinized, all copied parts are highlighted. 

Additionally, Grammarly helps in enhancing English grammar and ensuring that there is a smooth flow. This is made possible by the grammar tools that scrutinize each and every phrase and word used in the essay. Scholars are advised to sign-up for premium Grammarly accounts. This is because a premium account has all the necessary features in ensuring that your essay is original and grammatically correct.

Arguably, this plagiarism checker has the capacity to track duplicate content in over 60 trillion sites. This simply implies that the tool is very effective in unearthing any duplicated content. In addition, the plagiarism checker is designed to detect copied content in different languages. You can scan any document irrespective of language and find if there is any content that has been copied.

To use this plagiarism checker, you will have to create an account and subscribe for a plan. One thing for sure is that you are guaranteed the best results once you use this plagiarism checker.


You might not be in a position to subscribe to a paid plan in most plagiarism checking sites. However, this does not mean that you should submit essays that are not checked. is the ideal platform where you can check your essays for plagiarism without necessarily paying anything. Everything is absolutely free of charge.

The best thing about this tool is that students are able to identify the duplicated content as well as their respective sources. Additionally, you can correct grammatical mistakes as highlighted by the tool. In short, you are assured of an original and grammatically correct essay.


It is always a great idea to impress your professor with some vocabularies. It makes them feel that you knew what you were doing. Vocabularies play a vital role in earning your free marks. Now, there are online tools that you can use to improve your vocabulary and other grammatical elements. You should consider such tools your close friends if higher grades are your aim. Some of them include:

HemmingWay Editor


For completely comprehensive and on-point sentences and paragraphs, this is the ultimate tool you can consult. By highlighting common errors and confusing terms in your writing, this tool helps you improve the quality of your essay by rectifying the highlighted parts. I would suggest that you never submit your paper before passing it through this very useful tool.

Oxford English Dictionary

You do not necessarily have to get a hard copy of oxford dictionary, as most people perceive. You can simply go for the online version and enhance your vocabulary. The benefit about this version is that you do not have to pay anything to use it.

It might interest you to know that Oxford English Dictionary has over 600,000 words, including innumerable vocabularies. All you need is to search for the meaning of a word and it will take seconds to retrieve it. This is a very important tool for any student, not only in essay writing but in other tasks as well.

Purdue Online Writing Lab

We must acknowledge that this platform is a wide one. Literally all essay writing tools can be found on the website. English tutorials are also covered here. The site comes with a lot of things that you should know in order to write a grammatically correct essay. You can drop by the site once in a while and sharpen your grammar skills. 


Here comes yet another platform where you can sharpen your vocabulary remarkably. The site uses a different approach in helping students build their vocabulary. Upon signing up, you will be given 5 books that you can use to enhance your command in grammar and vocabulary. Any student who finds time to use this tool is assured of a high score.

Grammar Gorillas

Anything you would like to know regarding grammar can be found right on this site. You will not only come up with an authoritative essay but also a punchy composition that will undoubtedly beat that of your fellow students. The platform features a chain of grammar elements to ensure that students come up with the best essays. In fact, students are provided with sample work to further sharpen their knowledge.



These are platforms where a scholar can interact with like-minded people and have all questions with regard to essay writing answered. Students are advised to take full advantage of the platforms to sharpen their essay writing skills.

Some of the best essay-writing forums include: 

Essay Forum

You might be having a burning question about essays and wondering where you can get answers. Well, Essay Forum is an ideal tool for that. This is more like a platform where writers, students, and even professors share their thoughts, ideas, and knowledge on essays. Here, you can drop any question on essays and different scholars will offer you answers. The good thing about forums is that you can interact with other people with similar interests and learn a lot. Better still, you can just sit back and read through. Either way, a lot of knowledge is guaranteed from this forum.

The platform was established to help students understand everything they would like to know about scamming in the essay-writing divide. Here, students from different corners of the globe meet and share their experiences based on scam cases. The kind of information you will find here is absolutely helpful for those planning to outsource their work.

Most of the discussions here are directed towards new and popping outsourcing platforms. It is always a great idea to know what other people are saying with regard to new essay-writing platforms. The last thing you want is to lose your money to a scam platform in the name of outsourcing. 


Students at have the privilege of creating their personal accounts and having access to the main forum. You can decide to go through the questions that other students have asked and their respective answers. Better still, you can post any questions based on essay writing and wait for answers. One clear thing is that the platform is large and busy enough. No question can go unanswered on this platform.

It might interest you to know that there is the likelihood of getting a great writer from this platform. Note that the forum is a community of students as well as professionals. You will also get ideas related to essay writing. 


Although the forum has not been in existence for long, a lot of students have sourced knowledge from there. registers a massive traffic every day with students and professionals interacting freely. You have the assurance of assistance irrespective of the question you have at hand. 

Essay Writing Websites

As a student, you will always have difficulties figuring out everything by your own. Situations will arise where you may try the above tools and fail by all means to figure out how some of them work. Before you learn your paths towards being a qualified research paper writer, you may want to get assistance. You may also want to have a look at an essay written and formatted by an experienced writer in order to be able to use these tools to produce a similar paper. Therefore the need for essay writing help comes in. You can bank on the following websites whenever in such a situation:


This stands out as the cheapest essay writing service provider. Here, you can find qualified writers ready to help with any kind of your essay. You shoudn't have to worry about the difficulty of your topic or the assignment format; the writers here are fully qualified in the services they offer.

This is yet another website you can bank on for any kind of a research paper. With a myriad of research papers for sale, this website claims to have been in existence offering research paper help to students for over a decade. You can bank on their claimed experience to have your research paper questions answered by their qualified experts. Their prices are slightly higher than that of the previously mentioned website but as they claim, every penny spent on their research papers and term papers are worth the spending. 

Good luck in your academic venture!



We can go on and on simply because essay writing tools are inexhaustible. The main point here is that you should never write a shoddy essay since there are enough tools to help you out. Earning top grades in your scholarly essays is as easy as making the best use of the above-mentioned tools.

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