How to Handle Technical Assignments and Amaze Your Professor!

handling technical assignments in college - Albert Einstein example



I guess the happiest moment of your after-high-school life was when you received that admission letter to the

What China's Hover Bus Invention Can Teach You!

China's hover bus invention


I was fascinated by a recent breakthrough invention of the hover bus which drives over the top of other vehicles. Undoubtedly, the chinese engineers were moved by the inconveniences of traffic jams in modern day city roads and thought of a way out, which they figured to be the hover bus (pictured below). A m...

The No-Brainer Gude on How to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Writing



You might have realized that your professor always emphasizes a lot on submitting plagiarism-free papers. This is simply because plagiarism indicates how incompetent a student is. The fact that you have been given the privilege to source information from the Inter...

The Most Complete, No-BS List of All (ALL) the Essay Writing Tools and Resources!


This is the most complete No-BS list of all the necessary resources you might need in your literary writings, period! It does not matter the kind of essay you intend to compose or the academic level you are in (college, university, masters). Either way, the respective essay writing tools must be used in order to come up with a ful...